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  Architecture and Anthroposophy 
Примечание: The monographic anthology Architecture and Anthroposophy bridges the gap between the traditional architectural history and the anthroposophical narratives. Our mission is for the first time to integrate anthroposophical ideas on architecture with mainstream arthistorical ideas; and to illuminate the influence of the organic-spiritual impulse on architecture of the twentieth century. It is a highly original integrative work and a unique experience of international collaboration. All chapters are written by the best specialists in the field, the most major European and American scholars and architects, and translated by prominent professionals into Russian from English, French and German. Book design: 268 pages, 8"x 12" hard cover format, super-cover, 348 illustrations (189 colored). Editor Anna Sokolina. ...
Помещено: 26/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1709

  Axel Ewald sculptor homepage 
Примечание: Израиль. Axel Ewald is sculptor, environmental artist and designer whose work is inspired by Anthroposophy and the Goetheanistic way of looking at nature. Axel Ewald has been a teacher at Emerson College, Great Britain and now lives in Israel, where he founded the "Way of the Art" Visual Art Training Course.
Помещено: 27/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1337

  Great Buildings Collection 
Примечание: The Great Buildings Collection is a gateway to architecture from around the world and across history. The Great Buildings Online do*****ents hundreds of buildings and leading architects with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings....
Помещено: 26/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1377

  Moving Word Theatre 
Примечание: The England based Moving Word Theatre is an international touring company of actors, dancers and musicians. Founded in 1991, by Philip Beaven and Katherine Rubach, the company presents innovative performances which combine the art of movement known as eurythmy with other performance arts - physical theatre, dance, music etc. Since its inception the company has toured throughout Britain, mainland Europe and Scandinavia as well as North America, giving over 1000 performances to audiences in theatres and schools
Помещено: 27/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1343

  Musical Architecture 
Примечание:  Our unique and patented construction system offers "perfect acoustics" for sound studios, musical theatres, sound stages, conservatories, alternative education, sound therapies or sacred spaces. Much of our work inspired in Steiner's own architectural quest....
Помещено: 26/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1207

  Organic Architecture 
Примечание: ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE can extend the perception of its beholder. Can movement expressed in form and design evoke innovative and inspirational thoughts? Open to accompany the realization of modern architectural ideas and dreams for personal or community needs....
Помещено: 26/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1579

  Phoenix Arts Group 
Примечание: Truth and Beauty" Waldorf student exhibit, art and human development workshops, anthroposophically inspired paintings, drawings, sculpture, fibre art, photography and verses, quote archive, articles, links...
Помещено: 26/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1343

  RS Archive Image Gallery 
Примечание: Pictures and images relating to the Rudolf Steiner Archive
Помещено: 26/12/2008 Обращений на данную ссылку: 1247

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